Official Military Art offers military prints, military posters and military art paintings for sale.


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Here you can shop for amazing military art by renown military artists featured at our official military art gallery. Military art collectors can shop for original oil paintings, military prints, and military art posters showing Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps bravery. Official Military Art offers military prints, military posters, military paintings for sale of artwork depicting contemporary american battles and conflicts. Here you can find signed and numbered limited editions and giclee, hand painted prints.  Official Military Art offers military prints, military posters and military paintings for sale.

Military Artists:

Our military artist have been commissioned by the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. The majority of our military artwork depicts bravery on the battlefield with Spiritual Imagery. If  you are looking for unique military art. then you have come to the right place!

Official Military Art offers military prints, military posters and military paintings for sale.

“Wings of Hope” by Artist Todd Krasovetz . Original Oil Painting hangs at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, CA . Limited Edition, Hand Painted Prints Available


Recent Commissions:

Latest News : Walter Reed National Army Medial Center Installation of “CORPSMAN UP” by Military Artist Todd Krasovetz

Military Art Walter Reed National Army Medical Center Installs "Corpsman Up" by Artist Todd Krasovetz

Walter Reed National Army Medical Center Commissions Military Art Titled “Corpsman Up” by Artist Todd Krasovetz

Navy Military Art titled

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Disney’s Army Wives Commissions Artist Todd Krasovetz

ABC military art hidden wings by todd krasovetz

Title “Wings of Hope” by Artist Todd Krasovetz : Limited Edition Print Available : Fine Art Oil Painting Original Location: Camp Pendleton, CA Commission Learn More

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Our company offers a unique design process; providing innovative ideas to the military as well as both private and public fine art collectors. If you are remodeling your office or in the process of building a new space, or a gallery owner looking for high quality fine art, we are experts and can to turn that space into a meaningful, visual statement.


Artist Todd Krasovetz & Official Military Art is honored  to provide exquisite, meaningful Fine Art to collectors, museums and military installations around the world. The artists personal goal is to serve and deliver custom and diverse audiences through the interpretation, collection, and exhibition of art created since 1988.


   Latest Commissions in Production

Marine Corps Academy, TX


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Tribute to Michael Van Johnson Center at Marine Corps recruit Depot in San Diego CA by Official Military Art:


MCRD Museum San Diego CA Official Military Art

MCRD Museum San Diego CA Commissions Artist Todd Kraosvetz for 1 original (“savior in a storm” :Below) and 3 hand painted giclee prints for Johnson Hall 2005 / 2011


Military Art Titled Savior in A Storm my Artist Todd Krasovetz in Tribute to Michael Van Johnson Center at Marine Corps recruit Depot in San Diego CA 2004

October 07, 2004 Bridgeport Clinic Dedication ,BRIDGEPORT, Calif. Medal Of Honor Sailors, Marines, civilians and veterans of foreign wars gathered at Naval Hospital Branch Medical Clinic Bridgeport the morning of Oct. 1 for the solemn ceremony of dedicating the clinic for Hospital-man Richard D. De Wert, a Navy hospital corpsman who received the Medal of Honor for his selfless actions in combat. De Wert was assigned to D Company, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division during the Korean War. I was commissioned by the command to produce a portrait of Hospital man Richard D. De Wert for the clinic which was renamed in honor of his legacy. WHAT IS “WINGS OF HOPE”? Wings OF Hope is the name of the first original oil painting in a series of military art paintings commissioned by the Marine Corps and the Command at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, CA.

At present there are a total of 24 paintings that now hang on permanent display at various Marine and Navy bases throughout the US but most can be found in southern California.


These art paintings have become very popular within both the military, there families and the general population. In July of 2001, I was first commissioned by the Command at the Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton where the 9′ x 8 ‘ foot oil painting titled wings of hope now hang. Wings of Hope military art painting series proudly commemorates the sacrifices of all of those who serve throughout all branches of the armed forces worldwide. Call 1.619.490.9985 or email to and learn more about Official Military Art, and how to commission Artist Todd Krasovetz and to order any of the military fine-art original paintings or art prints today!

Reflecting Pool Project


Please Donate what ever you can to help both our cause as we are trying to raise money to build a ” Reflecting Pool” at the new Naval Hospital at Camp Pendelton, CA.  We you contribute,  you will receive a certificate of donation from us in the mail as well as a lifetime 20% discount on any of our fine art products. learn more


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