Official Military Art, Military Art, Artist Todd Krasovetz

Official Military Art, Military Art, Military Artist Todd Krasovetz


Military Art By Military Artist Todd Krasovetz – Art for the Military


First of all, thank you all who serve, for this great nation and its allies. It is important to note, your selfless sacrifice and patriotism does not go unnoticed. Official Military Art & military artist Todd Krasovetz understands and respects your commitment dedication and continued loyalty. This webite and artwork here is dedicated to you, your family and colleagues. Finally, the artwork is intended to celebrate all branches of service, service men and women, past, present and future generations. Learn More


Recent Military News- USAWOA Commission’s “Eagles Rising” to Commerorate 100 Years of the Warrant Officers.


In 2019, Official MIlitary Art, LLC made headlines when USAWOA commissioned artist Todd Krasovetz. As a result, the success of the fine art, grew in popularity.  The original oil painting created from this commission, was decided to commemorate 100 years of service to all Warrant Officers. Consequently, the artist and the USAWOA president and staff, decided to produce limited edition prints for sale, titled “EAGLES RISING”



Proven History Of Success


As a result of this successes, we want to afford you the opportunity to purchase a print of USAWOA’s latest painting titled, “Eagles Rising,” Click HERE to pre-order your limited edition print. Select drop-down below for frame ordering.

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Official Military Art, Military Art, Artist Todd Krasovetz
On Jan. 5, 2018, renowned military artist Todd Krasovetz delivered the latest painting (the third in a series) commissioned by USAWOA. Titled “Eagles Rising,” it will be unveiled in conjunction with the celebration of the warrant officer cohort’s centennial birthday, on July 9., 2018 in a Washington, D.C.






USAWOA: “Eagles Rising” Preservation Framing Examples. Click below


Army Framed Art by Todd Krasovetz Official Military Art



Official Military Art, Military Art, Art for the Military
“Eagles Rising” presented to the Vice Chief of Staff of The Army.

*Double Matte, Gallery Framing : 2 coins with Custom Name Plate.Door to Door $1,049.00 USD (print not included). Order Now!




Triple Matte, Custom Gallery Framing. Addition of 2-7 coins with 8 x 10 letter or stationary 3 matte’s $1,475.00 USD. Order Now!




Double Matte, Custom Gallery Framing. One Coin . USAWOA Crest. Door to Door $899.00. Order NOW!


Note: Framing can be ordered with special designer selected custom framing.  Features a deluxe heavy duty contemporary real wood frame with multi-coat satin black finish (7/8 in. face and 1 3/8 in. deep). Our designers paired it with a double mat featuring a dark outer mat and muted accent mat on the inside (this is all customized as per customer).   Optional frame and matting available if you have special requirements.



Welcome To Official Military Art


Here you can shop and buy some of the finest works of art for the military available. From limited edition prints, posters, & original fine art, you have come to the right place. People often ask, “what is it about military artist Todd Krasovetz is so special”?  Our answer is simply the ” quality of the artwork”.

The overall theme behind these spectacular works of art sometimes has a spiritual meaning. Todd is often commissioned and his work proudly hangs at various Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy Bases, and government installations around the world. His work can also be seen in several veteran hospitals including Walter Reed.

Renown artist, Todd Krasovetz’s work has been commissioned by Disney, ABC, Lifetime, US Army, Navy, USAF, Marine Corps, NYIT, Rady’s Children’s Hospital of San Diego, and many, many others and private collectors around

Visual art is considered to have been created by the passion for the art by its creator and primarily for intellectual and aesthetic purposes. It is up to the viewer to judge if it’s beauty and meaningfulness is revealed” – Todd Krasovetz

The authenticity of the artwork is a key factor that has allowed Todd Krasovetz to facilitate collections for individuals, as well as college and corporate clients.  His reputation as an artist is based on integrity and professionalism.


Military Artwork History & Traditions

Traditionally, dictators have always been keen to celebrate their victories and intimidate opponents through the visual arts. Above all, there are numerous, original military artworks created by famous military artists all throughout the world. Artists who’s vision and passion has created timeless work for future generations and scholars.  These timeless commissioned pieces often depict both spiritual and accurate battle scenes. It is important to note, that artist Todd Krasovetz continues to follow in these same foots steps as the great masters. SHOP NOW


What is the Importance Military Art & Artists?

The battle scene is one of the oldest types of art in developed civilizations. The depiction and interpretation of other aspects of warfare, especially the suffering of casualties and civilians, has taken much longer to develop. As a result, depictions of anonymous soldiers away from the battlefield have been very common; since the introduction of military uniforms such works often concentrate on showing the variety of these.


Navy Battle Scenes

Naval scenes are very common, and battle scenes and “ship portraits” are mostly considered as a branch of marine art; the development of other large types of military equipment such as warplanes and tanks has led to new types of work portraying these, either in action or at rest. In 20th century wars official war artists were retained to depict the military in action.


Military Artists of Today

Official Military ArtFirst of all, military artists of today are closer to the action of the battle scene, now more than ever. The cause, is due to societies driven need for graphic media and it’s dominant in main steam media networks. 


Military Artwork
“Angel Waiting” by artist Todd Krasovetz.. Original is available




This includes, the suffering of casualties and civilians as it has taken much longer to develop. It is important to note, this applies to portraits of military figures as well. Furthermore, this due to the introduction of military uniforms, such works often concentrate on showing the variety of these.








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About Artist Todd Krasovetz


Renown military artist Todd Krasovetz has been producing quality art for over 30 years. If you really want the best-of-the-best, fine art around, you have found it. He is commissioned by Disney & ABC, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and many more. The private commissions include, Lifetime, NYIT, Rady’s Children’s Hospital of San Diego, CA. Learn More



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Artist Todd Krasovetz Commissioned by Walt Disney
Artist Todd Krasovetz Commissioned by Walt Disney

“Recently, Walt Disney Pictures Commissioned artist Todd Krasovetz to produce art for the set of a popular TV show. See “Wings of Hope” on the set and click Live News Article Angel Waiting by Todd Krasovetz. Oil on Canvas 35 x 48 inches. Limited Edition Prints Available.









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ABC Studios purchases military art titled "Hidden Wings" by Todd Krasovetz
ABC Studios purchases military art titled “Hidden Wings” by Todd Krasovetz

“I strongly recommend him for any art, illustration, or fine art project! Thank you again for the wonderful art Todd, I can’t wait to work with each other again.” Missy Ricker – Set Director “Army Wives” – ABC Studios, Hollywood, CA Commission Todd Krasovetz NOW! First of all, thank you for visiting. Please contact Todd Krasovetz for the commissioning of fine art.


The Shared Mission Moving Forward


In conclusion, the goal is to share with the world the power art has for all branches of the military. This includes, public and private entities, and for future generations to come. Fell free to like & share from the social media links below and call 1.619.490.9985 or email to commission artist Todd Krasovetz today.


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