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“Hello all!

I have been working with artist Todd Krasovetz for many years and it goes without saying that he is the most professional and talented Illustrator and artist in Los Angeles, California. The artwork/illustrations that he produces is above spectacular and the projects are always on-time and within budget.

I have used Todd’s pieces on camera as Set Decoration for Film and Television, on shows such as Disney’s ‘Army Wives’, Lifetime’s #1 Hit Series!

I strongly recommend him for any art, illustration, fine art or graphic design project!

Thanks Todd for everything! Until our next project.

-Missy Ricker – Set Decorator – ABC Studios, Hollywood, CA”

Painting a tribute to military sacrifice

“Hero Ascending” released by San Diego artist Todd Krasovetz

| 2:23 p.m. April 5, 2016 | Updated, 2:36 p.m.

“Hero Ascending” by Todd Krasovetz

A female Navy officer commissioned a San Diego military artist to create a painting to celebrate the sacrifice of a dying Marine.

The painting, “Hero Ascending” by Todd Krasovetz, shows a badly wounded Marine being brought into an operating room. Faces of the surgeons are tense. In the upper corner of the painting is the outline of an angel carrying the Marine upward.

The idea behind the painting is to bring comfort in the face of a hero’s death.

The scene goes back to a poignant moment Lt. Melissa Wells, a retired Navy medical officer, remembered from one of her deployments to Fallujah, Iraq.


Todd Krasovetz

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A group of Marines brought a wounded comrade out of a combat truck into a field surgical unit where Wells worked.

There were many days when the medical team could stop the bleeding, numb the pain, and save the limb and somehow the life. That was not one of those days, Wells said. “I felt acutely aware of the life force within this Marine, and I knew the instant he passed away.”

At that moment, she felt a warmth flood the trauma room, that came from the left upper corner of the room. “It was as if a wave of compassion spread through the once chaos filled space, and in doing so, removed the fury, sadness and grief. All I felt was peace — it was a hand of God moment,” Wells said.

“When I went on deployment, my family worried about me and when someone doesn’t come back, there is grief, but I wanted the painting to show the other side of that — the peacefulness — there is a glorious and compassionate ascendance into heaven for the soul of a hero,” Wells said.

Wells, who lives near Quantico, Va., served 17 years in the Navy and was a member of the Fleet Marine Force. She was medically retired six years ago because of traumatic brain injury from a mortar blast in Iraq.


Melissa Wells

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Wells and Krasovetz plan to donate a print to the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle. Va. with the possibility of donating the 24-by-36-inch original to the Smithsonian.

“The painting pays tribute to those who have given their lives for our freedom and disabled veterans who have been injured and been there in the painting, but have come back,” Krasovetz said.

“The piece is supposed to convey the feeling that something spiritual is happening — there’s something powerful going on there and you can see it in the eyes of the surgeon who is taken aback,” Krasovetz said.

Krasovetz is known in military circles for his painting, “Wings of Hope,” originally installed 15 years ago at the entrance to the old Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. The painting shows a Navy corpsman pulling a wounded Marine to safety on a sandy shore. In the reflection of the water, the corpsman has wings. Krasovetz, based in Point Loma, has been commissioned by nearly every branch of the military to produce works at 11 military installations across the country over the past 15 years.

“Wings of Hope” also caught the attention of set designers for the ABC Lifetime TV series “Army Wives” and several of his military paintings have appeared on the set.

Krasovetz started doing military paintings as a way to honor service members. His father fought in Vietnam and his brother, Scott Krasovetz, a Navy corpsman, was deployed multiple times to Iraq with the 1st Marine Division based at Camp Pendleton.

The painting is as much a tribute to military members as it is to their families who stand behind them, Wells said.


or, or call (619) 490-9985.


Local artist creates painting for Marine Academy’s 50th

By Linda McIntosh10:07 A.M. NOV. 17, 2014

CAMP PENDLETON — Local artist Todd Krasovetz was commissioned by the Marine Military Academy to create a painting for the academy’s 50th anniversary next year.

Krasovetz’s work will show how cadet life at the academy has evolved from the 1960s to today. At the center of the painting is the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, which has special significance to the academy in Harlingen, Texas.

On the campus stands the original cast used to make the Iwo Jima memorial, also known as the Marine Corps War Memorial, which is located near the Arlington cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. One of the Marines who raised the original flag at Iwo Jima is buried at the academy near where the cast stands.

The academy selected Krasovetz because of the way he captures the essence military life in his paintings, said Jorge Ramirez, who is donating the painting to his alma mater.

Krasovetz has been commissioned by nearly every branch of the military to produce works at about a dozen military installations across the country over the past 14 years. He lives in Shelter island and has a studio in Point Loma, where he paints both military and non-military work.

Krasovetz, is known in military circles for his painting, “Wings of Hope,” which was installed in the entrance to old Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton in 2001. The painting shows a Navy corpsman dragging a wounded Marine to safety on a sandy shore. In the reflection of the water, the corpsman has wings. The work is being re-framed for installation in the new hospital along with Krasovetz’s “New American Pride.”

The pivotal work was the first in a series of military paintings on display at the San Diego Veteran’s Museum in Balboa Park.

Two years ago “Wings of Hope” caught the attention of set designers for the ABC Lifetime TV series “Army Wives.” Since then several of his pieces have appeared on the set, starting with episode 7 of the sixth season of Lifetime’s series, which follows the lives of several Army wives and their families on a military base.

Krasovetz started doing military paintings as a way to honor service members. His father fought in Vietnam and his brother, Scott Krasovetz, a Navy corpsman, was deployed multiple times to Iraq with the 1st Marine Division based at Camp Pendleton.

Krasovetz said his paintings have a spiritual side and he is currently working on the imagery in his piece for the academy.

“The final piece will have more symbolic imagery,” Krasovetz said.

The painting, which is oil on canvas, will be approximately 3 feet by 2 feet.

The work is expected to be unveiled for the academy’s 50th anniversary in April at the alumni banquet.

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North County Times Todd         Krasovetz Army Wives





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DEC 2, 2011, ABC Studios “Army Wives” Purchased Art by Todd Krasovetz to be Showcased on the Set Spring of 2012!!

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M– USEUM REPRESENTATION: San Diego Veterans Museum:  2009 – present


RECENT NEWS!! ABC STUDIOS  PURCHASES “WINGS OF HOPE” & “HIDDEN WINGS” military art for Lifetimes hit show “Army Wives” 12/2011.

ABC Lifetime’s Hit Series “Army Wives” Purchases “Hidden Wings” and “Wings Of Hope painting’s by artist Todd Krasovetz for the set of the show to be filmed in the Spring 2012. “These photos show both “Hidden Wings” & “Wings Of Hope” Military Art on two of our ABC sets for Lifetimes “Army Wives”– The first painting by artist Todd Krasovez, is titled “Wings Of Hope” which is now showcased in a Doctor’s Office in our Mercer Medical Hospital (our fictional Hospital on Post at Ft. Marshall), and the other titled “Hidden Wings” is in a Conference Room in the same hospital. “Hidden Wings” will be used as decoration in the office of Dr. Everett Davies at Mercer Hospital, the on-base hospital where some of our characters work.

He is described in the script as an Army Colonel, mid-40’s, and kind. He first appears in episode 607 to attend to the medical condition of another character. For the scenes, the Director of Military Wives, John Kretchmer, requested a piece of Military Art that said something about the fact that this Doctor was a Lieutenant Colonel and Medic in the Army. When I found Todd Krasovetz’ art pieces and his website on line, I was overjoyed and knew the pieces would be just perfect for the set! By including such pieces in this Doctor’s Office, it makes the environment less generic and really helps to tell more about the character. The things we “dress” onto the set can make the whole storyline a little deeper by giving our viewers this insight into the characters.” Thanks Todd for the wonderful artwork!! Missy Ricker-Set Director ABC : Army Wives 12-2011 12.4.2011 Examiner Magazine: Recent News About ABS’s Lifetimes “Army Wives” art purchased of Military art by Artist Todd Krasovetz “Yesterday, the set of the popular television series “Army Wives” got a special delivery from San Diego. Two paintings by San Diego artist Todd Krasovetz will join the cast at the Lifetime Network for Season Six as it goes into production. While carefully selected art has been essential for quality film production since the days of Cecil B. DeMille and for stage productions since Mozart’s early operas, the way that “Army Wives” selected this new art for its own set is part of important trends that are invigorating the arts, especially here in Southern California. In an interview today, Krasovetz explained the “Army Wives” team had a studio attorney contact him directly to negotiate a purchase.

The two works selected first, “Wings of Hope” and “Hidden Wings” are limited edition reproductions which Krasovetz had on hand. His ability to provide the show with the artwork it wanted quickly was important to securing the contract, as well as the important decision he made to retain the artist’s rights, facilitating a quick and simple agreement between the show and the artist. He has good prospects for further assignments following viewer feedback and fan mail. For a century, film studios usually rented art used on the set or went to the art equivalent of “central casting,” decorating sets with art that was good quality, but not a perfect match for the show’s theme or audience. Times have changed and it is good news for local artists. The level of information that studios have over their audience and the interaction with many viewers on social media make it possible to select artwork that is ideal for an individual production and enhances the messages that show’s writers and actors want to communicate. And today’s current art market is so robust that studios can be sure they will be able to sell art that has the distinction of being viewed around the world at a significant profit. While Krasovetz has been nationally known as a top tier military art and portrait talent, the momentum of his success and the way it influences online art searches is a major change in the way commercial clients select art. The artist is currently working on a large project for Cannon Air Force Base in Cannon, New Mexico.

This distinction and the large number of owners of other works by Krasovetz who have circulated good reviews on various websites and linked to Krasovetz’ own web site make his works easy to find and preview on the Internet. Local artists who would like to sell more art to the entertainment industry and commercial clients like an Air Force Base can give some thought to the tried and tested technique Krasovetz used. It is called marketing. While this has been essential for most business for decades, art schools and most engineering schools rarely mention the subject. Just this week, Chicago based National Art Leasing CEO Josh Ginsberg has launched a 2 part program: “Sales 101 for Artists.” Altogether, these trends promise to bring new energy and innovation to the world of contemporary art and earn recognition for San Diego as a city where artists create “outside the box.” “There is nothing natural about a Navy Corpsman. There is nothing natural about leaving cover, under fire, to rescue and provide care for an injured service member.

But when they hear the call, the Navy Corpsman does just that. Why? It is unnatural. These guys are young, under trained for what they are faced with, and under intense pressure. Yet they choose to do this job. It is Love. Love for each other. Love of Country. Only love could motivate a person to do that which a Navy Corpsman is faced with. I believe it is one of the most noble of professions. The Navy Corpsman is a selfless warrior, who puts others above themselves. It is that kind of love that makes communities and countries great. Your paintings capture that virtue and will promote goodness in the mind of anyone who looks upon them. Thank you for capturing, displaying and promoting that goodness. God Bless.” T Blackner 11/12/2012

The mission of Artist Todd Krasovetz is to provide exquisite, meaningful Fine Art to collectors, museums and installations around the world.   His personal goal is to serve diverse audiences through the interpretation, collection, and exhibition of art created since 1988.

LATEST DOCUMENTARY PUBLICATION: We are honored to have been selected by the students at San Marcos University in California to produce a Fine Art Documentary about Artist Todd Krasovetz. Produced in 2010, the documentary illustrates the importance that fine art has and its impact on the general public, schools , universities and the armed services. Below is the Exclusive Military Art series titled “Wings OF Hope” story. Just click on “Wings Of Hope” to watch!

Below is the Wings Of Hope Military Artist Documentary produced by San Marcos State University, CA 2009.



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